• Who needs National Claims Advisors?

    Any business with a commercial insurance claim. With our wide variety of industry specialists and experts we are uniquely equipped to assist any industry in the process. At National Claims Advisors we are just as comfortable estimating damages for a windmill in the Gulf as we are estimating business interruption losses after civil unrest.

  • What does it cost to hire National Claims Advisors?

    Nothing. There is no out-of-pocket cost to our client. By investing our own time and money into your claim we leverage our results and become your partner. We collect fees only if we recover for you.

  • Why National Claims Advisors?

    Our goal is to place policy holders in the best possible position to maximize commercial insurance claim recoveries by hiring the best professionals, advocates, attorneys, and experts. We believe the best client solutions and settlements are only achieved when you negotiate from a position of leverage and strength.

  • When will I need National Claims Advisors?

    These are the most common events that will cause you to need National Claims Advisors.

    • Hurricane
    • Hail
    • Tornado
    • Fire
    • Wind
    • Electrical damage
    • Business interruption
    • Earthquake related property and inventory losses
    • Losses related to the theft of merchandise or inventory
  • Isn’t the insurance company supposed to be on my side?

    Insurance companies are not set up, nor are they run, to help you or your business. The minute you file a claim, your interests are at odds with the insurers. The laws of bad faith vary from state to state, and the insurance company will be the last one tell you whether or not they are following those laws. With our in house counsel we will hold the insurance companies responsible.

  • What industries do we partner with?

    National Claims Advisors retains industry experts from almost every field. Rather than relying on the opinion of an adjuster we prefer real world knowledge and experience. This allows us to maximize recoveries for commercial policy holders.

    Industries we service:

    • Sustainable Energy, Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Hydro
    • Government/Municipal
    • Hospitality; Hotels, Resorts, Amusement Parks
    • Industrial; Pipe Manufacturing
    • Retail; Malls, Department Store, Strip Mall, Dealerships, Restaurants
    • Transportation; Airports, Trains Stations, Metro, Cruise Ships
    • Shipping Industry
    • Construction; Heavy equipment, Building Insurance
    • Food; Restaurants, Processing Facilities, Packaging Plants
    • Oil/Gas

The National Claims Advisors advantage:
we employ a team of insurance claims specialists

Questions regarding insurance coverage can be complicated, particularly when dealing with a meaningful commercial loss.  Businesses frequently turn to brokers to answer questions, or even the insurance carrier’s representative. The obvious problem is that these parties are not without their own economic interests. And, more importantly, they may not have the legal or other expertise to analyze all the coverages available to your business. The claims recovery specialists at National Claims Advisors work for you, and have interests aligned with your own.  And they have the skill and expertise to determine what coverages exist – oftentimes finding coverage arguments or availability your insurance company and broker missed. When your business experiences a large commercial loss, do not place your trust in people that may not have your economic interests at heart. Turn to a team of professionals that have interests aligned with your own, and also have the expertise to determine what coverage exists – and can create the leverage, if necessary, to recover every amount to which your business is entitled.

The United States Experienced 22 separate Billion Dollar Events in 2020

While insurers claim to be on the side of the policyholder, their business model is to collect premiums and minimize – or avoid – the payment of claims. This tension frequently puts your business at odds with the very party or parties that were hired and paid to safeguard your business interests.