National Claims Advisors is the partner you need for your commercial insurance claims. Most commercial claims are underestimated by as much as 30%-50% in the insurer’s initial finding. When dealing with a large, complex, commercial property damage loss that can mean your business is underpaid millions of dollars. Insurers frequently hire engineers and other experts whose sole goal is to underpay or deny legitimate claims. Insurers are not in the business of paying claims. Our specialty is making sure you have the right expertise on your side finding the true value of your loss from the beginning, which includes attorneys and experts familiar with the complexities you face in the filing and negotiation of large commercial property damage claims.

What Services Do We Provide

National Claims Advisors ensures your business gets paid every penny to which it is legally entitled. We do this by employing the best lawyers in this practice area, engaging competent local counsel as needed, and hiring experts to assist us in the filing, evaluation, and negotiation of your loss.  Unlike the insurance companies, National Claims Advisors is on your side, and acts as a true advocate no matter where you are in the loss process. And because larger losses are complex, we ensure that we bring the right team of legal and other experts to bear on the evaluation and handling of your claim.

Whether it’s a catastrophic loss of property, or the interruption of an industrial steel plant, our team – regardless of where you are in the claim process – can navigate all the pitfalls, traps, and legal hurdles your business may face along the way.

We can help ensure your business is in the best position to maximize its recovery and do our best to ensure that is done without having to resort to litigation.

What We Do

  • Free policy reviews and analysis of losses to determine the merits of the claim, and whether coverage exists for the loss. And if so, what types of different coverages exist within the policy.
  • Inclusion of client properties in weather and other databases to ensure the most accurate loss data for our clients, and to provide existing clients weather alerts to monitor properties remotely.
  • Hire and utilize the most professional experts and analysts to determine the proper and total scope of client’s losses, so our team is in the best position to negotiate a proper resolution of your claim.
  • Employ nationally recognized lawyers, with specific expertise in insurance law, to assist our clients, and in conjunction with our experts, help them navigate the claims process from beginning to end.

Our Fees – We Win When You Win

Because National Claims Advisors is a law firm, we operate on a contingent fee basis. Meaning we collect no fee if we are unable to resolve the matter for you. Our fee is based only on our ability to collect for the client, and we always advance the costs of experts and other professionals so you do not have to come out of pocket at any point in the process. And our consultations are always free regardless of whether we take on your matter.

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